Konquer Martial Arts Academy Reviews

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Queency D.

These guys are just phenomenal. They show pure passion when they teach. They make sure no child is being left out. They do not only teach martial arts to the kids, they also instil lifelong principles in them. Konquer Martial Art Academy deserves a plethora of accolades.

Queency D.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Danielle H.

Great place and great staff. Seeing the talent from these commited martial artists, young and old, is truly inspiring. Our 5 year old daughter has enjoyed Muay Thai for the past month and wants to keep going. My husband and I are now members as well! Can't say enough good things! If you or your children have a any interest in martial arts, I highly recommend Konquer!

Danielle H.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Justin M.

I just finished my first free week. I was extremely satisfied with how welcoming everyone was, and how I was given individual attention. Not once did I feel intimidated or out of place.

Justin M.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Fewell C.

My sons love it!! They are ages 7 & 8 they enjoy the teachers and fellow students we have a great time at this school. I recommend this school to kids and parents also.

Fewell C.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Stacey G.

Great gym with great people . The intructur is knowledagble , but i also lets you be yourself.

Stacey G.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Marquita J.

My son has only gone twice, but he literally counts the days until his next lesson! He loves it and gets so excited when it’s time to go. I’m most impressed with the instructors. They are firm, patient, and great with kids! I’m happy we found this place!

Marquita J.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Albert T.

Great place to learn any martial arts, especially karate for both kids and adults!

Albert T.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Jameel M.

My son is loving this so much and he is so disciplined at his other sports love it.

Jameel M.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Tiffany M.

Our family can not get enough of the benefits Muay Thai has brought to our household especially with Mr Mitchell at Konquer Academy. We truly are grateful!

Tiffany M.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Michele H.

This is a great place for kids and a great experience to learn about Martial Arts and the instructor is very good and he has very great patience with his students and my grandkids love going there and I am very happy that they are learning about Martial Arts.

Michele H.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Kelly J.

Great place. Teaching self defense, martial arts, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu. The instructors are very personable and knowledgeable. You get one on one time. Teaching all ages. My children love it, as well as teaching them defense skills, self discipline, and good exercise.

Kelly J.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Joseph W.

I have been in the adult Muay Thai class for a while now. Master Mitchell is an excellent teacher and a very skilled martial artist. The best thing about the class is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. Whether you want to train for competition, learn self defense, or just get a great workout, you can do any of those things. It is a safe and fun environment for people of all ability levels.

Joseph W.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Requida C.

Where do I begin, my son loves it, he has been coming to the academy since he was 4 he is now 7, he has learned alot about self discipline, character, self defense and hardworking, your belt is not given to you it is definitely earned!!! Mr.Mitchell is excellent , I strongly encourage you to bring your child, him/her to the academy it is fun but also educational in the development in helping them against, heaven forbids ,bullies and strangers!!!!

Requida C.

Konquer Martial Arts Academy Chris S.

If you are looking for a great place to learn and grow. This is it!! I have two kids in KONQUER Academy and they love it. Mr. Justin Mitchell is a great teacher and works magic with the kids. (Kid Whisperer) I

Chris S.

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